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June 8, 2013

What to expect!

Hey there!
I hope you like the changes to the blog.  I've done a few tweaks here and there, changed some of my links--Follow my Tumblr!  For the most part, it's the same posts on there, but I'm just expanding my possibilities.
So… goals.  I want to set some regulations down for myself and all of you, so here goes.
My 1-2-3-4-5 Formula
This is an idea that I made, each being a minimum goal for me for each week.
  • One art/craft project- Be it a design, 3D art sculpture, drawing, crochet, anything that I enjoy doing that has to do with art/craft.
  • Two photography photos- Any photo of me, or any random picture I choose to post.
  • Three other social media interactions- Including (but not limited to) pinterest, stumbleupon, etc.
  • Four Blog Posts- self-explanatory
  • Five Tweets- self explanatory
Why a Formula?—Commitment.  Writing plans down helps out.  A lot.  Because I have learned that, for someone like me, I need a solid plan before going through with it; so I don't burn out.
***NOTE!: I set this formula for minimum goals on a weekly basis.  So don’t expect just the amount I set.  Lots can happen in a week.  So expect more!
Also!  I am hoping to graduate to vlogging and making videos for YouTube.    And Live Streaming! But that’ll be discussed when the time comes.
Okay!  Enough of my blah blah blah’s.  Let’s start this mo-fo!  Follow me! Starting at level 1;  Pallet Town; Newbie INCOMING.  Okay…  See you next post!

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