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June 10, 2013

Now with pictures!

Old picture I took a few years ago…
Okay.  I’m learning as I go.
So I figured that in the age of youtube and instagram and whatnot, the majority of people nowadays are more visually inclined.  What I mean is that most of us prefer visual (and auditory) stimuli over others—e.g. pictures (or videos) over words.  
This isn’t a bad thing.  It just means I have to post more pictures; which means I can make use of my cameras more often. (:
So, whether I take some snapshots, or use some of my old stuff, or just take it from the internet, most of my posts will now include pictures!  Yay!
Also!  Today is the first day of E3!  I think I’ll wait until everyone has done their presentations, and I’ll post my thoughts.

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