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What is this?

Delve into my world...
Self promotion—one vital factor that’s used in this day and age of social media.
Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more websites at my (and your) fingertips to connect an individual to everyone else in the world.
So many people are doing it and getting their name out there.  So why shouldn’t I share my misadventures with all of you?
So I decided to create some goals for myself; starting out slow, and gradually increasing the amount of my exposure, in order to not burn myself out as easily as I did my first few attempts. Starting with this blog, linking various other social media (FB, twitter, pinterest, so on and so forth), and eventually graduating to Vlogs/YouTube.  I want to prove to all of you (and myself) that it's never too late to get out there, and to never give up--no matter what.
So… follow me in my world as I delve into my mind and my own life;  trying to figure out where I fit in—and if I can survive the vicious storm that is: social media.

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