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June 8, 2013

Gaming! Episode 1

One post after another! Bear with me here, I'm trying to catch this blog up with the Tumblr posts I started yesterday.
I’ve always wanted to get this blogging thing going.  And in procrastinator language, the term “eventually” comes to mind. “I’ll blog eventually…”.  I mean, I could never figure out when to start, because I had no idea what to say or talk about.  But I figured now was a good time.
Because!  It’s all in the timing.  And right now, especially in the video game department, there is so much going on.  
E3 is in a few days!  Yuuuup.  Who isn’t excited about that? Especially with the new, upcoming era of consoles and the major fanboy war that comes with it. PS4 vs. XBox One.  Who’s gonna win?
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV:ARR)!  Yeah.  Some of you may know the disaster that was version 1.0.  But I think that their comeback is quite promising. But playing ARR closed beta (phase 2) on one account with my bf was surprisingly fun, yet excruciating.  So, I am waiting for the next few days; hoping for that email from Square Enix, the one with a beta code, so I can quest, and gather, and craft to my heart’s content. So here’s to me crossing my fingers in high hopes for a beta code!

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